Background of this project is the increasing shortage of qualified specialists in the field of health care and nursing in Europe. Due to demographic changes this shortage will be further intensified in the future.


The consortium consist of:

  • Schools in the area of nursing
  • Hospitals where the practical training takes place
  • Competent recognition bodies
  • A nationally recognized language school that is widely experienced in the area of health
  • Intermediary organisations with extensive experience in arranging European mobilities

The project partnership tries to respond to this challenge by making the secondary vocational nursing schools more attractive to young people. This should be achieved by developing such structures that would make the European vocational education more transparent. In the future, it should be possible for students who completed their nursing school (with less than EQF level 5) to complete their education in another EU member country with EQF level 5 and thus achieve a general recognition of their vocational education in whole Europe. Simultaneously, this occupational and educational mobility should be accompanied by a coaching programme that will be developed by the consortium.

This coaching programme will feature a modular design and will already begin in the last year of the vocational school in the home country with a short internship offered in the host country and with an online language course for potential participants. For those participants who decide to complete their education abroad (EQF level 5), additional support is offered in the form of linguistic and intercultural training. Moreover, the hosting organisations (vocational nursing schools and health care institution-e.g. hospitals) will also receive special training and support so that they better understand the situation and the needs of foreign students while being able to develop an internationalisation and “welcome ” strategy. Both the (partial) recognition of existing courses as well as the development of the coaching programme will be adapted to the existing competences of the learners.

This will be achieved by providing the specialists (teachers, practical instructors, organisers of the occupational mobilities) with an opportunity to undertake job shadowings in the other partner countries. This experience will help them to become familiar with the educational system also in practice and thus facilitate the recognition of competences in the highest quality as well as adapt the coaching programme of the highest quality to the needs of learners and the teachers. This structured offer is initially developed as a pilot project for students of technical secondary schools in Czech Republic and Hungary, who can build up on their completed education (and thus become a nurse´s assistant – EQF level 4) and continue their education in Germany in order to achieve EQF 5 and become a certified nurse.

The students of these specialized schools after completing their education (after 12 years) do not have only the (already) existing two possibilities (continuing their education at a post-secondary school while becoming a nurse with EQF level 5 or continuing their education at a university with a nursing degree while also obtaining EQF level 5). They also have a third opportunity to complete their education at a vocational school in Germany while becoming a certified (EQF level 5) nurse. This offer should (when it had been positively tested by all actors) be extended to other countries with appropriate education system. The focus is here particularly on countries outside of the EU that do not have a demographic problem and (thus) could be interested to occupy attractive positions in the field of health care and nursing in Europe.

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